ARTropus is an internal project in constant development that exploits the concept of generative art through procedural volumes.

The term generative art refers to an artistic work that is the result of an autonomous system capable of determining the shapes, sounds and colors of the work by replacing the decisions otherwise made by man.

In some cases, the artist determines that the finished work is the representation of his concept, of his idea, in other cases it is the autonomous system that totally assumes the role of creator. The work itself becomes the artist.

Art that generates art.

"The design process achieves a balance between the expected and the unexpected, between control and renunciation. Although the processes are deterministic, the results are not predictable. The computer gains the power to surprise us. "

Michael Hansmeyer

Generative Image 2
Generative Image 3

A visual journey through the constant changing of forms.

Generative Image 5